Pool Resort in the middle of a Busy City

Note: This is just a re-post from my Old blog which I have not used. 

C E B U Westown Lagoon

This place was the talk of the town during it’s opening week, or before it opened. Some were able to get inside and takes pictures, and some just saw it in social media posts, like I did. Everyone was excited about the new place. I myself was very much excited to get inside and see the place with my own eyes. It is very near and it’s within the city. Easy access to any land transportation available in the metro. It opened during September last 2014.

People from all around the city were hipped to go there. Most people I know in facebook had photos of them in the place. We kept on planning to go there but end up going to another place. So, when the right time came, September 2015, me and my bestfriend decided to go there and made a promise that nothing can change our plan, and that nothing could stop us. So we did go there, had fun, enjoyed the place, the beautiful blue pool, relaxing ambiance, and the hot Jacuzzi.

Pool From the Balcony

Nobody cared if you wear a swimsuit, a rashguard, or a bikini, as long as it’s for swimming, you’re allowed to wear it on the pool. Life guards, crews, and bell men were very welcoming and hospitable. When you stay there, you wouldn’t notice the time, you’d feel safe and great. 🙂 We ended up with red faces and sunburns. With all that, I can say I was satisfied. I told my family about how beautiful the place was, and I did went there again, with them. We rented a room for the day, were surprised and amazed with the room that we got. It was very spacious and calm. it was homie and you could just relax and stay in bed all day. That’s if you won’t go swimming.

The room we took cost Php 7,500+, and it was good for 8 persons, and Php300.00 per additional person. It had another room inside the room that had a King bed and a bathroom, A cabled TV, own AC, and a terrace. While the room outside had a Queen bed, single bed, cabled TV, own AC, bathroom, and voila! another terrace. You can see the whole resort from the balcony. You can enjoy the sunset view, sunrise, and the blues everywhere you look. (Entrance Fee: Php. 300.00 per person)

It is a happy place for me. Soon, I will come back there. If I were to go somewhere for long, it sure is a place that I would miss.

Btw, this is their slides.

My farrah disel

Credits to: myfarrahdise
Edits: They added a new Theme in the Resort. I basically think it’s inspired by Game of Thrones. I haven’t gone there, so pics posted will be from the web. (credits to the owner of the photos)

tripadvisory . com

credits to:  tripadvisory.com


cebu blue waters . com

credits to: cebu-bluewaters.com



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