First Day of our First Time in Hong Kong

September 10, 2017 – Our First day in Hong Kong

I arrived around 6:00AM – Hong Kong Time from Dubai. I am supposed to Meet with my best-friend Lara who’ll be coming from the Philippines.

I met with ate Leah, one of our friends residing in Hong Kong who will be guiding us to our Inn. While waiting for Lara, we took our seats in a Mcdo (McDonalds) in the airport. We waited together for Lara who after some time arrived around 9:30AM. All three of us were then together eating breakfast in a foreign Country. (At a not so foreign food. I still can’t believe it tho) We then head our way  to the counter where we had to take our iVenture Card and other Passes.


Me, Lara & Leah in Hong Kong International Airport




After paying, we went to the bus stop and took the Bus (21A) to Tsim Sha Tsui where we’ll be staying for the rest of our trip in Hong Kong . We stayed in an Inn at Mirador Mansion. The place is somewhat situated in a crowded place as it’s by the center of the town, and malls, shops, restaurants are located there.


On Our Way to Tsim Sha Tsui while in the Bus, I snapped a Photo in Mong Kok as soon as I saw Jollibee. 


Tsim Sha Tsui Street

After looking for our Inn/ room and got in, we arranged our luggage and brought out what we had for each other and all the food/ snacks for the stay.

We then went out and took the ferry at the Pier to go to the Central for us to  grab some lunch and buy a couple of stuff we could use during our stay. e.g – pants, fruits, spoons and plates, etc. We bought our very cost effective lunch in the World Wide House. It was a Filipino Cuisine with two Viand and a cup of rice for HKD 30.00 .

Note: Bottled Drinking Water cost a bit more. It’s around HKD 3.00 – 10.00 in stores and on sidewalks. (prices in attractions cost  5 times the price you get from outside)

We then went back to our room to get some rest for a couple of hours.

After resting, the three of us went out again to check out some places. We Grabbed dinner or snacks. 😀


We then went to see the Symphony of lights from the Clock Tower, while our view was from the other side of the city. After the show, we then went back (but grabbed some milk tea) on our way to the Inn and rested for tomorrow’s adventure lie ahead of us.



All Pictures are Taken by Me.


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