Disneyland Day for our Second Day

September 11, 2017 – Our Second Day in Hong Kong

(Day 1 of iVenture Card)

It’s the first time and day that we’ll be using our iVenture card. (the counted first day of activation is the time you use your card, so don’t use your card if you’re not yet ready to go to the location or don’t have a proper schedule yet) Our second day in Hong Kong is Disneland day. We got our tickets from the airport, 13A counter the day before where we paid HKD 449.00 for the Disneyland ticket pass. (Discounted because of our iVenture Card – not included in the package).

After gearing up and everything was ready, we then headed to the Metro around 7:30 in the morning. (metro entrance was just under our building)

We took the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui using our Octupus Card to Sunny Bay. Click link for more details about the Octopus Card (Can be used in buses and Metro Trains)

How to get to Hong Kong Disneyland Resort:.

DIRECTIONS: (Fom Tsim Sha Tsui)

In Tsim Sha Tsui station, take the Train to Tsuen Wan (Red Line) and get off Lai King Station. Transfer to Tung Chung Line (Orange Line) – get off Sunny Bay Station and (atlast!) transfer to the Disneyland Train (Pink Line).

MTR_routemap_510 (1)MTR System MAP I Grabbed from Google.

We waited a little time for the Resort to open. Once it opened and we got inside, we went directly to the stand selling souvenirs, caps and other head dresses. We bought a Minnie Mouse Ear Headband with a big bow.

Click This Link to View Photos in the Gallery


We started from the Left side of the map. (Maps were provided to us from the Entrance of Disneyland) Adventureland is the Starting Point from the left, then the Fantasyland and the Tomorrowland. However, we went from one point to another and jump off to somewhere. I enjoyed all the rides and I agree, you’ll feel like a kid once inside and you’ll have all the fun you can have. It’s a dream come true! Click here to see a map of Disneyland HK that I found from Chine Tour Advisors.

I wasn’t able to ride the train from Main street and I regret that however, I am truly thankful that I was able to visit and enjoy the place as I expected it to be. My Favorite part was the Mystic Manor Ride & Hyperspace Mountain. I liked the Big Grizzly Mountain Runaway Mine Cars in the Grizzly Gulch, however, there was a part there that made a very loud noise that shocked me, it’s quite a funny and memorable adventure tho.

If you plan to come here, bring lots and lots of money so you can buy all the beautiful and cute stuff you’d see that you might want to buy and eat anything you need as the price will be costly.

Click to Visit Hong Kong Disneyland Resort Website  for more details, schedules and hotel availability in the Resort.

Click link to see the photos in this Gallery

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