Our Peak Tram Experience

Day 3 in Hong Kong – Day 2 of iVenture Card

We went to the Peak Tram, Rode the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus and the Pre-Sunset Cruise for our third day in Hong Kong as planned. 

Our Third day in Hong Kong started with an exhaustion on finding where we should redeem our passes for our Peak Tram ride as the location was not very clear to us and we were not that familiar with the city. We knew it was near worldwide center, then it became inside worldwide however google map wasn’t cooperating. Then we finally found the Office after more than 30 minutes of hustling on locating the particular shop/ office which was at the third floor of Worldwide.

After we got our passes, we looked for the bus stop located near the Star Ferry Parking Lot in Connaught Rd Central, just across the Cenotaph where we could get on a bus that will pass by The Peak Tram. It was quite confusing at first coz we couldn’t figure out which exact bus we should get on. So we asked for information and finally rode a bus.

We arrived at the Peak Tram and got in with no Hassle since we have or had our passes through iVenture. (If you have the card no queues to fall in line and you’re VIP as well.)


Lara and Ronaldo


Me and Lara inside the Peak Tram on our way to the Peak

Getting to the top took at least 10 minutes riding the tram (you can also use the octopus card as fare).

Based on my experience, you have to hold on to yourself as your neck might feel uncomfortable as the way to the peak is very steep. If you want, you can just let your body go with the flow and make yourself feel like falling and afloat and look silly.

What’s at the Top:

  1. Sky Terrace 428
  2. Madame Tussauds Hong Kong
  3. 3D Adventure
  4. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co Restaurant & Market (Discounted with iVenture Card)
  5. Coffee Shops
  6. Souvenir Shops
  7. Boutiques

At the top, there’s 3D photo Adventure  where you can have fun taking pictures. We only rode the Peak Tram and got to the top, however we were not able to actually get inside the Sky Terrace 428 where you could see better view at a higher place. Our ticket was for Peak Tram return ticket only.  (Sky Terrace 428 was not included on our iVenture Card) It was alright as we were able to see Hong Kong from the top and enjoyed the view.


Some Portraits


Old School


Hong Kong


with Wolverine

See below for the ticket prices of The Peak Tram Tickets from their website and Click here to visit the official website of The Peak Tram in Hong Kong.

The Peak Tram Ticket

Click HERE to go to our Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus & Hong Kong Watertours Pre-Dinner Sunset Cruise Experience Post


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