Sightseeing Bus & Sunset Cruise

Our Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus & Hong Kong Watertours Pre-Dinner Sunset Cruise Experience

Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus

I was so happy to know that we will be experiencing a sightseeing in the City. I always wanted to try this coz I always see it in movies and I see Big Bus Tour Buses around Dubai. (where I work.)

First we had to go to the Central Pier to find the meeting Point for the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus. Then we just had to locate the ticket booth for the ride. It’s very easy to find the booth however we got a little confused and wasn’t able to locate it asap, it didn’t took that long tho. So take note that you have to be cautious as the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Booth where you can collect your ticket is quite small and if you won’t look and read properly, you might miss it and will just pass by it like we did.

After redeeming our ticket’s the in-charge gave us a map and asked us to wait as we were a bit early on schedule.


We saw beautiful buildings, old streets, pink church, banks and shops of high-end brands everywhere.

I don’t remember everything we saw, so I will be posting the route that the Lady driver took us, and yes, a Lady Driver, and an awesome one.

Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Route

As you can see from the Photo of the Route of our sightseeing, it’s written H1 Heritage Route. Rickshaw has 3 kinds of route you can choose from. Click here for the Prices

  • H1 Heritage Route (Included in our Package)
  • H1A Market Route
  • H2 Night Scene Route

Click here and here for more details of the routes.

Click here to visit the Rickshaw Sightseeing Bus Website for more details.

Hong Kong Watertours Pre-Dinner Sunset Cruise – with unlimited free drinks on board (whisky, gin, beer, soft drinks, cocktails)

We took the ticket or pass of the cruise just near our Inn, however we got lost and too so long in locating the agency who’ll give the ticket to us.

After we got our tickets, we hurriedly ran towards the Pier and located the cruise that we’ll be riding. We almost didn’t make it, we were one of the last passengers to board the cruise.

We didn’t do much on board, we just drunk a few orange juice, no alcohol, and enjoyed the view and water.


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