A One Month Trial

I was thinking of what to eat. Then I thought of what to write. I bumped into a blog about what to write and found a photo about mind mapping. It’s about a diet. Since I told myself last night that I want and will  lose weight again without excuses, I will just write this and see progress or regression in what I’ve planned to do. I really hope for a positive progress.


Lose Weight

I have done this a hundred times and fail for no reason. Am I just that lazy? Yes I am. I tried lose weight since high school, however I failed as I didn’t really care. I wan’t that bullied because I was fat. It was fine, because I had people who are by my side and accepted me. In college I tried again, many times. I even tried drinking a coffee that would really trim down your weight and fat. It will make you thirsty all the time which increases your water intake. Took it for 2 weeks, my brother noticed that I was losing weight. I felt nice about it however he had a negative feedback. He said I was uglier than when I was fat and looked older. My cheeks looks like their going inside, no longer chubby. My mom asked me to stop that since it didn’t seem to have a good effect, it was unnatural. I got big again, and again for many times I tried to lose weight, however I just keep on stopping, get tired or bored. Now, I decided to pursue this challenge.

My Map

  • Eating Habit – I will have a better eating habit of not just eating anything I see at home. I’ll follow the rule of, you’ll eat it if you buy it. So don’t buy anything you shouldn’t be eating. lw5
  • Diet – I will now do my best to eat lesser rice, no sweets, no junk food, no pork no chicken skin, no juices, no soft drinks and eat more vegetables and fruitslw6
  • Learn to Say No – I will say no to sweets and not let them get on my way. 😀 No big amount of burgers, fries and pizza. (I heard about someone who only eats a spoon or two of anything she craves) I would do that, but not in this process.


  • Walk more or Exercise – I will try to take stares, walk from work going home and and anything that keeps me moving. l34
  • No Excuses –  I will not make excuses to not follow my diet or plan. I will not justify my laziness to do what I must. NE1
  • Start Today – Start today. You cannot make everyday the start. So Start that moment and I will see progress.
  • Liquid Intake – I promise to drink more water and tea. No drinking of cold waterWater
  • Track Progress – I will be tracking my progress and keep a record of the daily weight and maybe a  food record.
  • Sleep Early I will sleep early and have enough sleep. In sleeping early, I will not be hungry and if I have enough sleep, it would help prevent me from getting fatter.


Marking this day, 26th of December 2017. Will give an update on 27th of January, if no update, then that means nothing good happened. 

I do love myself and accept me. I just wanna fit in cute clothes, live healthier, and be more confident and move swiftly. 


Credits to all the owners of the photos posted above.

5 thoughts on “A One Month Trial

  1. I was also kinda chubby in college and even went to the gym for it. It didn’t work for me, well maybe a little. After graduation, I tried to limit my meals to small servings and avoided daily snacking all the time, I went down from 62 to 49 kg. I will also follow these steps after delivery. 😀 I wish you all the best! 🙂

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    1. Oh, it’s good to hear that Deb. I really am into eating whatever I see. It’s like I eat when I’m bored. Good luck with your baby and the diet after.

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      1. Thanks Deb. I have stopped opening our freezer now. I know there’s icecream there. I also started walking from the Metro to my office instead of taking the bus.


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