Not so Lavish

When I met him, he asked me if I’m just like other ladies who asks for money, bags, clothes and other things a girl would ask.

I told him I am not like them, I have my own money and work.

If someone cares for you and he is being thoughtful, you do not have to remind him that you want something and he should give it to you. He’d present himself with a gift to you if you really matter. Besides, I don’t think it’s important as long as he’s there for you. To love and to care for you.

I am not a lavish person. I am simple, I may have things that I like to buy, but I can live without it. I feel like I have to work hard to earn something. It’s better that way.

Having an extravagant life is not what I always seek, to have a life abundant with significant possessions in life is what’s important.

via Daily Prompt: Extravagant

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