Dome Date

My first food experience in Dome.






Dome (1)

  • Dome Burger – It’s a big burger, bigger than my usual burger per se. It tasted good, but I don’t think I could stand eating it or finish the whole thing.
  • Carbonara (Fettuccini) – Carbonara is one of my favorite pasta dish. I used to eat the dish all the time way back home. Perks of having neighbors who can cook. When I tasted it, it was fine at first as the dish was still hot, then I realized after a few that it needed more taste, salt, pepper or cheese? So I added pepper. It was fine till I had to ask for Parmesan  cheese. I added the cheese but It still needed some flavor. In my opinion, it’s not delicious at all. For me, it had too much meat and mushroom. I may have a different taste in food but, that’s what I can say and I definitely won’t eat that again.

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Dome (3)

  • Strawberry Milkshake – This sweet delight tasted great. I loved the sweetness and milky flavor of it.
  • Latte – It tasted normally fine. I added 3 sugars to satisfy me. Processed with VSCO

Dome (4)

  • Cheesecake – I heard about how this dessert tastes. I wanted to try for myself, and oh yes! it is heavenly delicious. Yum yum yum!! I may not tasted all the cheesecakes in the world, but I extremely agree that this one is a delight. Will surely eat this again.

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