Top 15 Movies I love

Hello guys!! I just wanna post my Favorite movies.

in no particular order

Top 15 Movies

Catch me if you can
1. Catch Me if You Can
2. White Chicks
Princess Diaries
3. The Princess Diaries
4. What a Girl Wants
The Time Travelers Wife
5. The Time Traveler’s Wife
The Others
6. The Others
The Notebook
7. The Notebook
8. Taken
Love and Other Drugs
9. Love and Other Drugs
Crazy little thing called love

10. Crazy Little Thing Called Love


Wild Child

11. What a Girl Wants



Mean Girls
12. Mean Girls
A cinderella story

13. A Cinderella Story


Charlie's angels

14. Charlie’s Angels



15. Ever After


Top 15 Animated Movies

1. Anastasia
2. Atlantis – The Lost Empire
3. Wall – E
Monsters Inc
4. Monsters, Inc.


Treasure Planet
5. Treasure Planet
6. Spirit
The Polar Express
7. The Polar Express
Your Name
8. Your Name
9. Rugrats in Paris: The Movie
10. Tarzan
The Little Mermaid
11. The Little Mermaid
Beauty and the beast
 12. Beauty and the Beast
Cinderella 2
13. Cinderella 2
Ice Age
 14. Ice Age 1
15. Up

Thank you for checking out my favorite movies. I know you like some of the movies here as well. Feel free to share your favorite movies and let me know which movies you love from my list.


10 thoughts on “Top 15 Movies I love

    1. I saw that on the website where I’m watching movies. I have that in my list. Also the Princess Mononoke? I’ll watch them soon. Thanks for the recommendation.

      Liked by 1 person

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