Movie Monday – LION


If you’ve never seen the movie go and watch it!

The movie Lion is based from the life of Saroo Brierley and his non-fiction book A Long Way Home. (Better to watch the movie first before reading if you don’t want me spoiling)

Genre: Biography/Drama – released last 2016

My Review: 

I found this movie when I was looking for something different as most of the featured movies on the site I was looking in to was old news.

I got excited that Dev Patel was the star of the movie, well,  yeah I like him and find him hot tho not that addicted in knowing what new movies he’s gonna have. Lol. I read the details and somewhat knew it would be a nice movie. Nicole Kidman’s in it, duh? 

Watching, I could only think of the poverty that the young Saroo was experiencing or was in. His brother who was still a teenager but, had to work. Their mom worked as well, I didn’t know where his father was (I should watch again). His life was okay even if they didn’t have enough and gets very happy with small joys provided to him. 

Thought that it was so foolish of him to go with his brother and his brother for taking him. I understood how they loved and take care of each other tho. If only Saroo stayed put where he was napping and never left the platform or went inside the train, he could have stayed in India and be with his mom and the rest of the family. He wouldn’t have to be scared and go through the worlds cruelty. 

I do believe everything happened for a reason, well, we all do. He needed to be with his Australian Family who very much deserved him as they wanted to help the world.

He almost gave up but maybe his faith and will in finding his family was so strong that the force of destiny was on his side. I was so pleased about what happened to him in the end. I was so happy, I cried. 


Knowing the meaning of Lion in Hindi, I was pleased or happy with myself that while watching, I understood something before it even reached the climax.


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4 thoughts on “Movie Monday – LION

  1. I loved the movie too but not all of India is that poor. There’s much more to India than Slumdog millionaire and this one .. LOL


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