My Guardian

I am thinking of you

you must still be in bed

I woke up early and checked

you were already asleep

The short time we two have

it’s sometimes not enough

I am working at day light

you are working at night

We are together for an hour

then a customer would call

asking you to go to them

again, we bid goodbye.


I know it’s wrong, dear

but, I am sometimes happy

when you don’t have work

you have to find but can’t

I help you pray that there is

but Inside I am happy at times.


I thank you for everything

for the effort you are giving

you don’t know how it works

to love a person such crazy

but you are giving your all

for us to be always happy.


I am not used to this as well

no greetings of monthsary

we don’t celebrate much

we always forget about it

I know despite forgetting

we are important to eachother

we love what we have now

cared, contented and thankful.


Happy 21 months my love

you are the best for me

you are such a blessing

a constant reminder

that God loves me anyway

he sent me my guardian.


cropped-cropped-cropped-header.pngJeanny Spaced


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