Movie Monday – The Universe’s Star

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During weekend, I planned to watch something like Korean or Jap movie/series. I checked the website where I watch my Korean Dramas and this series was the one featured.

I checked it out and read the synopsis. I saw that the guy in the movie is Suho. I don’t really know him, but I remembered what my friend told me that there’s a series where a member of a K-Pop group – EXO starred in. I remembered she mentioned his name is Suho. So I told myself that this must be it. I got interested reading that it’s about a ghost as I previously watched Let’s Fight Ghost which was a good series for me. BeFunky-Collage3-21-800x445-800x445The girl is technically not just a ghost, she’s a grip ripper. An angel of death who cannot do her job well. She never bring the dead people to where they should be or sometimes they get to be alive again. She’s a big fan of this handsome singer who she thinks is a big part of her as it’s what she only remembers in life after forgetting everything else (Grip Rippers forget everything from their previous life). 021617_exo_suho_01The death of the famous singer was announced to the Rippers and it won’t be long before they’ll take him. The girl was in her mission to fight for the guy’s life and she got cut off the job  by her manager and was told not to interfere. She loved her Idol so much that she didn’t let anything bad happen to him and risked her, hmmm shall I say life?tumblr_ojqofuyuDB1tp4q0bo2_r1_540The ending is actually great once you understand the story why it had to happen. It’s a tear jerker but it also cracked me up. It’s a very lovely and interesting series. It’s not very long, it’s quite short but it conveyed what was needed, though I wanted it to be longer.Based on the photos, I want you to not think twice and just check it out. See how these photos happened in the movie.tumblr_ol60aniERR1qjv087o2_540


Title: The Universe’s Star

Country: South Korea

Starring: Kim Jun-myeon – Suho &  Ji Woo.

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance, Supernatural

Episodes: 6 Episodes (30 Minutes Minimum per Episode) 

Rating: S4

I rated 4 stars as I mentioned, I wanted it to be longer. 😀

The Universe’s Star is part of Three Color Fantasy. 

Three Color Fantasy (Hangul세가지 색 판타지RR: segaji saeg pantaji) is a South Korean Three-color drama trilogy by MBC and Naver consisting of three mini television series The Universe’s Star (White), Romance Full of Life (Green) and Queen of the Ring(Gold). 

Below are the 3 Series: (will watch the others soon)

Color Title Dates Main cast
White The Universe’s Star
  • January 24 – February 7, 2017 (Naver)
  • January 26 – February 9, 2017 (MBC)
Kim Jun-myeonJi Woo
Green Romance Full of Life
  • February 14–28, 2017 (Naver)
  • February 16 – March 2, 2017 (MBC)
Yoon Shi-yoonCho Soo-hyang
Gold Queen of the Ring
  • March 7–21, 2017 (Naver)
  • March 9–23, 2017 (MBC)
Kim Seul-giAhn Hyo-seop





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