After A month Trial

In continuation of my post A One Month Trial , I am updating as today marks the last day of the Month Trial.

For a month, I changed my ways of eating. To be honest, it’s the hardest part. With a brain like mine that craves a lot of delicious food, it was pretty intense. I tried hard even if people couldn’t see it.


Trial (2)

What I did is, I tried not to eat rice, but there are just times that I can’t help it. So I still ate seldom times but, I cut down the serving size and would only eat rice 2-3 times a week. I also stopped junk food eating, and I honestly can say it helped and it makes me crazy whenever I craze. I also just eat Banana and oatmeal at any meal of the day and sometimes just cereal for breakfast. During lunch, I eat any viand with Arabic bread, with oatmeal or just viand alone. I would drink tea everyday but it stopped at some point. However, I constantly strive to drink as much water as I can. I also walked more and skipped the bus, except when I am almost late.

Trial (3)

Eating shawarma at night as dinner helped a lot too. It’s got meat and veggie, it’s heavy on your tummy and after a couple of hours you can sleep without worrying a lot, unlike eating rice and viand which sometimes you cannot contain specially when the food is just great and tasty. To tell the truth, I would sometimes eat sweets but will only eat a bite size or something to take away the craving. I sometimes eat burgers and fries like a normal meal but no sodas.

Trial (4)

I know it wasn’t a healthy diet but it was something to start with. I had to eat less that I used to. I used to be 83.6 kg and now, I am 81.1 kg. It may go up and down everyday but at the end, I make sure it goes down and down after time.

Current Weight: 81.1 kg

Goal: 65 kg

I will now proceed to my 6 months challenge. With the same method with more walks and maybe running.

Got Photos from Boots


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