Takoyaki in Agemono

Hello Everyone! How are you?

I will be sharing about food, Takoyaki Specifically!

Takoyaki is a snack that Originated in Japan. Read more here.

This is the first Place I have visited that sells Takoyaki. I am sure there’s more places, tho not that many who caters this oh so yummy food.


You can buy #Takoyaki from @agemono.dubai near Union 🚝. It’s got squid inside and a tini tiny vege I think. I got the taste of the squid, coat and sauce. Their spicy sauce is so yummy. It’s AED 10.50 FOR 6 PCS. It’s worth it!! ❤

Back in 🇵🇭 we used to eat this and it’s got more vege. I like it a little crispy.

I hope they’ll add more vege to theirs. 🙏


Have you ever tried eating Takoyaki?

Do you like it?


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