Coincidence in Life

Hello World!

So today, I decided to finish a post after a long time as I have been very busy lately. There’s a lot of things that happened to my life and a lot of changes. I will share about that soon however, I just wanna share something because it just happened right now. I’m not supposed to post again as I just published a review thingy :D.

What happened is I posted and checked my notifications and, I saw that it’s my 1st year Anniversary in WordPress!! Yes! I have been MIA for long and I had the notification just as I came back to blog again. OMG, what a mysterious and awesome world.


I will share as well something that happened last November 18th. My boss and colleagues decided to go to Global Village (Winter Park in Dubai, UAE) on that very date. The day before, I was going through my old stuff and saw this clay made cup that I kept as souvenir from Global Village when I went there last 2016. As I was looking at it and reading the things I wrote there, I was so amazed to have discovered that I was there exactly November 18, 2016. Yes, it’s Mickey Mouse’s Birthday too. (Also, that year and day had a coincident. I didn’t exactly know when was Mickey’s birthday, whoever me and my boyfriend wore Mickey Mouse T-shirt just to match. Crazy How that happened and last November happened.

After that, we had another get together for December. Tho it wasn’t the very date, it’s as if it was planned. Last 3 years ago, I went to Miracle Garden for the very First Time (Another Winter Destination here) Dated December 1. Guess which date we went this year? We went to Miracle Garden December 2, 2018. Without them knowing these facts and events in my life I think it’s pretty amazing how all these had to happen, even I, myself is astonished by those occurrence.

I also noticed I have a lot of Dreams that I had followed, dreams that came true, De Ja Vus, and dreams I am mostly scared of to happen. I am so Thankful and Grateful to God for everything. I find some things amazing still as I live in a bit of crazy and difficult life.

Well, that’s all for now. Have a wonderful day!


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