New Skin Care Review – Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Hello Everyone!!

Today I wanna write about Caudalie’s product that I purchased. As I sip my cup of chai, I just can’t stop thinking how I never thought of taking care of my skin before then. I kind of regret about that, but I’m glad I am now doing it.

I bought these products from Sephora and I’m using them for 5 weeks now. I bought it as a set which consist three products; the Beauty Elixir, Detox Mask and Foaming Cleanser.


I love All of them, how they work on my face, my dark spotted pimple loving face. I’m going to specify each product’s way of helping me.

(Some Photos will be from Online)

Instant Foaming Cleanser – It refreshes my skin and helped with the Acne Spots. After a long day, I would just grab and just spray to my hand or directly to my face and massage through my face even without water. It cleanses deep and removes my make-up without hassle.

Instant Detox Mask – It tightens my face, lessen the pimple size and also helps my face clearer and lightens dark spots. It also help reduce my pores, it’s not as huge as before anymore.

Beauty Elixir – It’s a very useful substance that keeps my face hydrated. It gives a glow as well if used as a setting spray, tho it doesn’t hold the make-up like usual setting sprays. It really helped my skin lighten and it smooths my cheeks, not just my cheeks but I love how it makes my cheeks smooth. It has grape in it like other Caudalie products and what’s good is it doesn’t have parabens. It’s all natural and harm free.

p.s – I am having breakouts for being lazy by not using the mask, the face masks I usually use and letting make-up stay for too long.


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