Ngong Ping 360 & Lantau Island Experience – In One of Our Days in HK

It’s been more than a year since I wrote about my vacay in Hong Kong. I know it’s so silly to write again about it. Like, what am I doing? I just want to add it on my list so finally complete it.

On that particular day, we were scheduled to go to Ngong Ping 360 Cable Car, Tai-O Fishing Village, and Noah’s Ark.
First thing’s first. Got ready and we went on our way to Ngong Ping 360. From Tsim Sha Tsui (where we are staying), we took the MTR going to Tung Chung. It’s not a direct lane, we had to take a lane towards Chuen Wan and stopped at Lai King Station then took another Lane to Tung Chung. There are other ways to Tung Chung, however, those routes will waste your time just traveling to reach Tung Chung.
I’m so happy and thrilled just thinking about riding a cable car. It’s what I had in mind during that day. It would be my first real cable car ride. Being in a foreign country and doing something cool will really make you feel good.

20170913_094219We arrived in Tung Chung Station and went to City Gate Outlets Mall but, it was close. We stayed in the area and stroll around. There I went inside the 7/11 Store and looked around. I was able to eat a popsicle version of YAKULT! Yes! If you know this drink and love it, you’d buy it as well. I did, even it was still too early for popsicles. I also found a packed dried squid from Thailand. I knew about this snack when my friend back here in the Philippines gave me one last 2015. I remembered it, it’s food.
After some time, the mall opened so we went inside and just had a look inside as my friend hasn’t been there yet. Then we proceeded to the Entrance of Ngong Ping 360 (I was feeling hyped by the way).


Since we have the iVenture Card I have had mentioned from my other posts, we didn’t have to take a long queue to get our tickets. Our tickets were for the regular Cabin, we upgraded to Crystal Cabin which is glass from floor to walls. We paid Around 40 HKD each for the upgrade. The Cabin can accommodate up to 6 people, and you will be comfortable enough to sit and move a little to look around the high view.

It was a long ride; I’m guessing it was approximately a 20-minute ride. The moment you get to Lantau Island feels satisfying. You’ll be greeted by the exit and you’ll finally breathe fresher air and find some local stores and cafes.

There was some good stuff around. We were able to buy keychains and necklace with flowers inside, building blocks of soldiers or guards from different counties and something that represented the place. We had fun looking at the statues and reading the details, it had something to do with time. Each statue represented a time. So I basically think there were twelve soldier statues. Correct me if I’m wrong. This is based on memories and experience.

After our walk, we headed to the stairs towards the Tian Tan Buddha. You need to climb 268 steps to reach the top, however, it felt more. Maybe it was the heat during that travel or we are just that lazy. She was majestic and a real Beauty even from afar. After taking photos of the Buddha and the view, we headed to the Temple. We were so hungry that we didn’t much enjoy it but rested to ease the heat maybe.

We didn’t have much time so we hurriedly went to the Wisdom of Path, hoping to gain some! Kidding aside, it was kinda peaceful tho we passed by some places that were abandoned. I did find that creepy and always hoped to find a real person whilst walking going to and back. Good thing I was with my friend, bad thing we are both scared.

Finally, we were back in the open space and then headed to the Bus Stop going to Tai-O Village. I had googled about the other places we can go to during the trip and Tai-O came up. I saw on google map it was near Lantau but It wasn’t how I imagined the location. We went downhill and arrived there in about 20 to 30 minutes.

The Village was nice and crowded. As we came down, we were asked if we wanted to see Dolphins. So we agreed and paid Around 30HD each to ride the boat that would take us to see the Dolphins. However, we weren’t able to see them. I don’t know if they hid or something or there’s none. We did hear a Dolphin sound twice, maybe it was just a figment of our imagination just to be satisfied tho. The boat ride took us to the houses above the water and restaurant. There were many foreign tourists and the place is full of goods. We basically didn’t get to stroll much but we’ve seen a lot of different food – from dried to pizza and to dim sum food. Shaomai or Siumai is everywhere. Water is life, I had to get one most of the time especially if we forget to bring a container. Cold water is more expensive than the room temp one, however, I really need the cold water in that weather.
Going back, it felt nice and I felt contempt while we were riding the bus going back to Ngong Ping so we could ride the Cable Car back to Tung Chung.
On our ride, we shared the Car with Two Muslims. I don’t know if they were a couple or siblings. I was mentioning something to my friend that made the Person across us talk to us. And we discussed where I worked, where we are from and them. They were locals from Saudia, it was nice talking with them as we go down. We then bid farewells.
I will write what we did during this day after Ngong Ping Experience in a separate post as I will be sharing photos as well.

P.s We did eat in Tai-O. I wasn’t able to tell, coz we weren’t even able to remember eating that time. haha

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